Hoosier Hopper II

I will use the build techniques I learned building the first Hoosier Hopper, which include T6 tubes, chromoly tubes where needed, T6 gussets, aircraft bolts, and stainless steel rivets.

Covering will be with industrial outdoor shrink wrap, shrink tape, tarp tape, and headliner spray glue.


The motor will be a Rotax 583, liquid cooled, Rave exhaust, 85 hp, tuned exhaust, and a SkiDoo pumper carb for inverted flying.

The basic design is to turn around the wing, straight leading edge, sweep the trailing edge. The wing width will be shortened to make room for ailerons, and minimal dihedral. More control surface on the elevator. The same rudder and lower fin.




Progress pictures

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Tail Feathers


Fuselage Frame

Mounted On Fuselage

Glass Panel