Frequently Asked Questions


                      Frequently Asked Questions


Where is my Refund?


Federal  1-800-829-1040  or 

      click on   “Where’s My Refund?” link


Indiana  1-317-233-4018  or

     10 years of refund IN info is available

                     with the online service.


Can I Get another Copy of my tax return, W2’s, etc?


       Of course You Can!    Anything during the year, 

                     Paid IN ADVANCE J

            Normally…ready 24 hours from payment.

                      $27 Minimum per year.

Need a letter typed for whatever reason $25

Want us to check over a previously prepared return,

                              prepared by someone else? $29 per year


NOTICE Amended Tax Returns:


Begin  MARCH 1st, in the order they are received.

      Amended returns you pay for in advance-get put on the top of the pile.

            IF You Call to see WHEN your return will be done…

                           Your file goes to the Bottom of the pile!


IF you receive a love letter from

                                     the IRS or a State…

BRING or MAIL the letter to me! DO NOT send them

ANY money!!!!!!!!



New Online Tool Provides Basic Account Information

The Internal Revenue Service announced the launch of an online application that will assist taxpayers with straightforward balance inquiries in a safe, easy and convenient way.

This new secure tool allows taxpayers to view their IRS account balances, including amounts owed for tax, penalties and interest. Taxpayers may also access various online payment options including Direct Pay, pay by card and online payment agreement. The IRS anticipates additional capabilities will be added to this platform as they are developed and tested.



Those Darn Kids
The risk of having kids file their own tax returns