88" Ju390 For Sale



88" JU 390 long range German WWII Bomber, 6 engines,

twice the size of a B29, from Ziroli Plans


This plane is loaded with goodies. A camera mounted in the nose of the plane. The camera's video is transmitted to a screen attached to the 10 channel transmitter. A sound system generates the original engine sounds. Working lights, and working ramp to drop goodies in flight. Many hatches to allow access to the electronics. Hidden Servos, etc.

It is built to last, with a lot of strength, by using bass stringers, and birch plywood. It has six 400 size motors, four electric retracts, with a sequencer for gear doors, and retracts.


Cost to build

$4000 - retracts, sound, video, engines, escapes, transmitter, etc
$4000 - 10 months labor to build
$8000 invested

If interested send email.

I can use uShip.com to get an individual to pick it up at my home, and ship it with special care any where there is a street address, and someone to accept it (in the lower 48), or you can arrange pickup.

$120 for crate materials
$75 for labor to build crate
$300 to $400 for uShip delivery.

Local pickup is free.

The Ju-390 Photographed Michigan factorys!

I read a little about the Ju390 and learned that I'm glad they didn't build too many of these! Michigan would never have looked the same!



Special features include:


    Sound system with four vibrators to generate sound.

    Video system to fly from the cockpit.

    Four dual wheel electric retracts.

    Servo driven gear doors.

    Gear door and retract sequencer.

    Retractable tail wheel.

    Servo controlled cargo door.

    10 channel transmitter.

    Video transmitter and receiver.

    Rudder servos in hidden in trays on bottom of stabilizer.

    Hidden wing flap, and aileron servos mounted in removable trays.

    Fuselage top is a magnetic hatch for access to equipment.

    Cockpit kit.

    Removable cockpit lid for future instrument mounting.

    Four bolts to hold wing to fuselage, not dowels.

    Bass stringers in fuselage, not balsa.

    Removable outer wings to make it easily transportable.

    Wing wiring hatches to access all wiring to servos, retract, lights.

   Tail wheel is retractable.

   Magnetic wing bolt hatches for easy access at the field.

   Bass bracing, and hatches to make the plane strong, and maintainable.



History and Pictures of Ju-390