PoorBoy 3


This design has the engine, stabilizer, and pilot along the engine's thrust line. The wing is a little lower like the Sukhoi 26, a great stunt plane. Being lower allows full strength spars in the center wing section. There are no wing struts since the main spar carries the wing load. It's a tail dragger, with a pulling motor in front, intended for pleasure flying, and light acrobatics. Loops, rolls, inverted, oh my!

When viewed from the front, the wings are flat on top, and tapered from a 12 inch thickness in the center to a 4 inch thickness at the tip. There are three wing sections. The center section is bolted to the fuselage, and is 8 feet long, and has no taper. The outer wings are 8 feet long, removable, and tapered. Dihedral is minimal due to taper toward the tips on the bottom of the wing. The airfoil is semi-symetrical to allow for inverted flight and other manuevers.

The wing is built like the Poorboy 2, with three sections, the outer sections are removable for storage.

The fuselage stringers are bolted to the center wing section via the trailing edge, main spar, and leading edge. The main spar uses 6061 angle to attach to the fuselage tubes. The fuselage is made using 1.5 inch diameter, 1/8th thick, 6061 8 foot aluminum tubes. 

No tube in the plane is longer than 8 foot, because of freight cost. UPS delivers up to 8 foot tubes for a reasonable price.

The engine is from a 2002 Artic Cat snowmobile. The 800cc Suzuki 2 stroke motor is fuel injected with 140 horsepower at 7000 rpm.