Pictures of BearCat Build


This is a good example of how I typically build for my customers.


86" Grumman F8F Bearcat short kit from Ziroli Plans



History and Pictures of Full Scale BearCat


Links to the kit and parts


Special features include:

    Predrilled for Zenoah GT 80 twin.

    Mounts ready for Robart main and tail wheel retracts.

    Hidden wing flap and aileron servos mounted in removable trays.

    Gas tank, and nose weight magnetic access hatch.

    Full depth cockpit floor, and walls not included with kit.

    Removable dash for future instrument mounting.

    Four bolts to hold wing to fuselage, not dowles.

    Bass stringers in fuselage, not balsa.

    Removal, tilt-able, outer wings to give it that carrier look.

    Wing wiring hatches to access all wiring to servos and future lights, bombs, etc.

   Tail wheel magnetic hatch for access to retracts.

   Magnetic wing bolt hatches for easy access at the field

   Bass bracing, and hatches to make the plane strong, and maintainable.


Pictures of Build