72" CAP 232 For Sale




CAP 232 with First Person View, and long range UHF 

Transmitter and Receiver, scratch built from plans


I built this plane for myself from plans. It is just the size I like, a 72 inch wingspan.

It's not to big to carry around, but big enough to fly well.

It's powered by an OS 120 AX with a Bisson Pitts muffler.

I set it up with a UHF Scherer transmitter and reciever:


The plane has Eagle Tree on screen display, and GPS:


It is ready for your GoPro camera, video transmitter/receiver, and ground station with monitor or video headset.

It's ready for you to finish or you can pay me to do so. I'd estimate 2 months to fine sand, dope with balsarite, fine sand again, cover, and trim cover, $800 plus materials.


Cost to build

$2000 - UHF transmitter/receiver, Eagle Tree GPS, OSD, eLogger, OS 120 AX, Bisson Pitts balsa

$750   - materials like, lite-ply, birch-ply, CA glue, and accessories.

$2400 - 6 months of my labor to build
$5150 invested

$650 buys it, less transmitter and video electronics which are another $750.

If interested email me.


I can use uShip.com to get an individual to pick it up at my home, and ship it with special care any where there is a street address, and someone to accept it (in the lower 48), or you can arrange pickup.

$120 for crate materials
$75 for labor to build crate
$300 to $400 for uShip delivery.

$500 to $600 for shipping

Special features include:

    Very aerobatic airplane, yet easy to fly, takeoff, and land.

    Video system to fly from the cockpit.

    UHF Transmitter/ Receiver for long range, 5 to 10 miles easily.

    8 channel transmitter, already setup for this plane.

    Fuselage top is a magnetic hatch for access to equipment.

    Spare cockpit hatch to hold even more equipment.

    Four bolts to hold wing to fuselage, not dowels.

    Bass stringers in fuselage, and wing, not balsa.

    Removable wing to make it easily transportable.

    Bass bracing, and hatches to make the plane strong, and maintainable.



History and Pictures of Cap 232