Personal Floor Lift for Power Chair Users


I created this for my lovely wife so she can get off the floor and transfer to her power chair. Being self sufficient is very important.

Melissa says she has seen similar products, but they all require the help of a second person. This lift only requires the person being lifted to operate it.





We build to order. It will take a couple of weeks to complete. Each one is hand crafted. Our price is $695 which is very low compared to other products on the market that require two to operate.


We sell a kit for $495 that consists of everything you need except the wood. Shipping is around $50 via UPS ground.


We sell instructions with pictures explaining the build procedure. This is only $45 and is sent online via email. This is included in the kit above.


No other product I know of will lift you off the floor to get into your power chair by yourself.



If you want to order a Personal Floor Lift

Paypal $250 to

or send us a money order and we will start building

 for you. It will take a  couple of weeks before it's

 ready to ship. Remainder due on pickup.


(Not required for return customers)





I feel this lift is safe and my wife uses it, but you

assume all risks and we are not responsible for

any injury or problems it may cause.


Your act of purchasing this product means

you agree to assume all risks of injury

or problems it may cause.


 Local pick up is free in northern Indiana. See the Map to MATO on our home page.


The Personal Floor Lift is five foot tall and the base is 28 inches wide by 50 inches deep. I weighs around a hundred pounds. is a "less than a load" shipping web site where you can take bids on shipping. It may take a few weeks before the shipper is going your way. $150 would be a good bid for a large item.